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What's the Safest Thing to Do?

* Fire Safety * Car Safety * Railroad Tracks * Kitchen Safety * Posion Control * Electrical Safety Tots * Drugs and Medications * Lightning & Storms * Safe Shopping * A Police Officer Can Help * Good & Bad Secrets * Bathroom Safety * Water Safety * AIDS Awareness * Firearm Safety * Accident Prevention * Bike & Skate Safety * Climbing * Tobacco & Alcohol * Stranger Awareness * Halloween Safety *

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Drugs and Medications Fire, Tabacco and Alcohol
What's the Safest Thing to Do?
What's the Safest Thing to Do?
Car Safety
Stranger Awareness
What's the Safest Thing to Do? What's the Safest Thing to Do?
Watersafety Sample
What's the Safest Thing to Do?
What's the Safest Thing to Do?


About Safety Tots
What's the Safest Thing to Do?

Helping to make our world a saferplace for children has been a nineteen year mission for Paula Geonie, President and CEO of SafetyTots International. In 1982, after being a victim of a horriable armed robber. Paula was traumatized. KnoWing how difficult it was for her to cope with such an emotional nightmare, she couldn't even imagine the fear that a little child experiences when they are hurt or victimized. So, she did some research and found out that children are being injured and abused by the millions every year. She decided that she had to do something to protect them and in 1983, she founded PLAYING IT SAFE, the national award Winning non-profit children's safety program for ages 3-8. As the years went by, Ms. Geonie combined her creative talents with her love of children and became an award Winning child safety expert and author. She started SafetyTots International because she felt the world needed innovative educational products that offer solutions to challenging situations that our children may encounter in their lives. Although the issues of child safety are sensitive, she has successfully developed an adorable and lovable group of cartoon characters who help children effectively answer the question, "what do you think is the safest thing to do?"

Totally non-threatening and humorous 'Edu-tainment', her CD-ROM, featuring the SafetyTots and Betsy the Butterfly, are getting rave reviews. Perfect for the homeor in the classroom, children will be laughing and learning at the same time. The company is comprised of a talented team who share Paula's dream. From graphic designers to marketing experts, they are all working hard to help make our world a safer place for our children.



What's the Safest Thing to Do?What's the Safesst Thing to Do?
Ages: 4-8 Years
WIN: Win 10 Learning Computer
Packaging: Learning Computer Pre-Load Only
Subject: Safety




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