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"Ultimate Speed Reader"

Ultimate Speed Reader


Ultimate Speed Reader
Ultimate Speed Reader
Ultimate Speed Reader
Ultimate Speed ReaderUltimate Speed Reader

10-Up Years
Packaging: CD in Sleeve
Subject: Reading

Ultimate Speed Reader has more than 200 exciting reading passages presented in six engaging activities will help you increase your reading speed and improve comprehension. This program can teach anyone, from the reading novice to the more mature reader, how to more effectively move their eyes on the page, read more than one word at a time, and improve their rate of perception, for increased reading performance at school, at work, or just for fun!

Ultimate Speed Reader

Ultimate Speed Reader

Ultimate Speed Reader Skills Taught

  • Increase rate of visual perception
  • Develop speed-reading while improving comprehension
  • Improve peripheral acuity and focus
  • Enhance memory
  • Get better test grades
  • Home study skills

Ultimate Speed Reader has over 200 reading passages for their Eye Movement, Newspaper Reading, Paced Reading and Timed Reading exercises. You can choose the Training Program, which will guide you through each of the exercises. After each exercise, you are given a comprehension test about the reading passage.

Reading Warm–ups and the Eye Max Game will test your peripheral vision. Stare at the center of your computer screen and words or letters are flashed around the periphery of your vision.

Children and adults can use Ultimate Speed Reader. The program doesn’t have specific grade levels, but users can manually adjust the words per minute (WPM) rate, which will benefit all ages.

The program doesn’t flash words or groups of words like some of the other products; instead, the full text is displayed while groups of words are bolded as you follow along.

Ultimate Speed Reader has a homepage (main screen), which identifies each section of the program. From each page, users can click on the main screen button to return to the homepage.

When you click on each section, a woman’s voice will briefly explain what the exercise does and how to begin.

Ultimate Speed Reader will work on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win7, Win8 & Win10.

(iPhone Version)

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