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SpeedSkin Keyboard Cover

"SpeedSkin Keyboard Cover"

SpeedSkin Keyboard Cover

SpeedSkinSpeedSkin Deep Keyboard Cover

Ages: All
WIN: Computers
Mac: Not Compatible
For Deep Key Keyboards

SpeedSkin SpeedSkin SpeedSkin SpeedSkin

Volume Pricing

SpeedSkinSpeedSkin UltraSlim

Ages: All
WIN: Computers
Mac: Computers & Laptops
For Shallow Keyboards



Volume Pricing


SpeedSkin Keyboard Cover Description

Features and Benefits of SpeedSkin's Keyboard Covers for Typing:

  • Requires students to concentrate on touch-typing.
  • Improves keyboard memorization, speed, and accuracy.
  • Covers only four rows: letter, number, and punctuation keys.
  • Format and function keys remain visible.
  • Easily lifts ON and OFF in one-step as a unit.
  • Home-row indicators give a tactile starting place.
  • Bright orange color for easy classroom visibility.
  • How to type faster: Covers work with all keyboarding software or textbooks.
  • Precision-molded from touch-sensitive polyurethane -- NO latex.
  • One-size, standard/PC cover fits all standard, PC-style and ApplePro keyboards.
  • One-size, UltraSlim cover fits all standard laptops and slim-line, Chromebooks, and stand-alone desktop keyboards.
  • Durable: SpeedSkin covers have been laboratory tested and certified to over 1 million impacts without discernible wear. NOTE: SpeedSkin keyboard covers cannot be both touch-sensitive and indestructible. Some students can misuse them. Proper supervision by instructors and reasonable, careful handling by students will extend SpeedSkin’s use-life.
  • Washable with mild soap and cold water.
  • Each cover comes with a heavy-duty, plastic storage tray to ensure long-term functionality and preserve its shape when used between typing sessions.
  • Teachers require, and students request SpeedSkin's peek-proof covers - they meet and exceed expectations!


SpeedSkin Overlay Screen Shots

SpeedSkin Keyboard Cover


SpeedSkin/PC Standard Keyboard Cover fits standard, stand alone deep key desktop keyboards.


SpeedSkin UltraSlim Keyboard Cover

SpeedSkin UltraSlim
Keyboard Cover fits iMac, MacBookPro laptop, most name brand PC laptops & ultra-slim/stand alone/desktop shallow keyboards and Chromebook Laptops.


The SpeedSkin orange, four-row, and blank keyboard covers are the perfect curriculum companion for typing software programs in the classroom or at home. These covers prevent students from peeking at the keyboard while using any of the top typing software to achieve 60+ words per minute. Our peek-proof training prevents students from acquiring the hunt and peck method, which limits typing speed to only 35 wpm. 

When students cannot see the keyboard, they are required to focus on the on-screen software instruction. This maximizes and develops kinetic/muscle memory, which is the basis for touch typing mastery (up to 60-120 wpm) in as little as six hours of classroom time. 

A program such as "All the Right Type 4" is enhanced by the use of the SpeedSkin covers. For more information regarding the this typing program, please contact us at 832-741-4244 to order SpeedSkin covers or "All the Right Type 4" for your classroom today!


SpeedSkin's Educational Keyboard Covers
Make the Keyboard a Portal to Life's Important Opportunities

Since one size keyboard cover fits all standard keyboards, you don't have to catalog your keyboard inventory. Just order a SpeedSkin standard cover or an UltraSlim cover. Also, when you get new keyboards in your classroom, it's likely that the keyboard skins you have will fit the new keyboards. Re-ordering may not be necessary. 

For help in making this decision, Give us a Call.

Teachers love our keyboard covers for typing because using them typically accomplishes their curriculum goals ahead of schedule AND improves their classroom experience. Our no-peek keyboard covers save you from tedious monitoring when you’re helping children learn keyboard typing. Contact us for more information on our amazing keyboard cover products.



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