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Phonics 2b



Phonics 2b is designed to work on problem areas of the English language, building the skills that students will need to be more comfortable with reading. The lessons are presented as animated and interactive stories starring the "Super Star Kids". The "Learn the Words" section transitions students from word sounds to syllables and sentences, followed by a Speed Round. Interactive activities and challenging games help students understand and apply the concepts while keeping them engaged. Phonics 2b features the Super Star Motivational and Data Tracking system, which encourages students to earn silver and gold stars by completing each song, activity, or game.

Topics Covered in Phonics 2b:

  • Open and closed syllables
  • R-controlled vowels
  • Vowel spellings
  • Three-letter blends
  • Ending blends
  • Regular and irregular plurals
  • Complete and incomplete sentences
  • Story building
  • Letter writing
  • Reading comprehension


Phonics 2BPhonics 2B
Ages: 3-7 Years
WIN: Win 10 Learning Computer
Packaging: Learning Computer Pre-Load Only
Subject: Phonics



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