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Phonics 1a



Phonics 1a is a beginning Phonics and Reading program that thoroughly covers the short and long vowel sounds, providing the foundation for reading success.

This interactive educational software program includes 10 songs with 16 activities. Phonics 1a features songs from TWin Sisters Productions, and activities such as the "Talking Vowel Sounds", the "Cat on the Mat" game, and the "Seal Made a Deal" game. The "Learn the Words" section allows the student to see and hear how over 600 words are formed using phonics sounds.

Phonics 1a Features:

  • The Super Star Motivational and Data Tracking system, which encourages students to earn silver and gold stars by completing each song, activity, or game

  • Over 8 hours of play and learning

  • Winner of the Children's Software and New Media "All Star Award"

  • Optional instructions in Spanish

Topics Covered in Phonics 1a:

  • Recognizing short vowel sounds

  • Recognizing long vowel sounds

  • Helper vowels

  • Sometimes vowels

  • Vowel rules

  • Vowel differentiation

  • Recognizing short vowel words

  • Beginning reading

Phonics 1APhonics 1A
Ages: 3-7 Years
WIN: Win 10 Learning Computer
Packaging: Learning Computer Pre-Load Only
Subject: Phonics




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