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"Millie's Math House"

Millie's Math House
Millie's Math House
Millie's Math House
Millie's Math HouseMillie's Math House
Ages: 2-5 Years
Win7(32 &64bit)/Win8/10
Packaging: Jewel Case
Subject: Math

Skills Learned with Millie:
• Identify and compare sizes
• Learn names of shapes
• Match shapes
• Create and complete patterns
• Recognize and read numerals 0 to 30
• Hear numbers 1 to 30 counted
• Recognize and read number sentences
• Practice addition and subtraction facts

Millie's Math House Description

Develop a Love of Math with Millie's Math House!

Through seven fun-filled activities that feel like play, your child will learn about numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, patterns, problem solving, size, geometric shapes, and more. Count critters, build mouse houses, create crazy-looking bugs, make jellybean cookies for Harley the Horse, and find just the right shoes for Little, Middle, and Big!

Count at the Cookie Factory!

Decorate cookies with 0 to 20 jellybeans, and discover the sequence of events required to make a tasty treat for Harley the Horse.

What's My Number?

Place the same number of objects on your stage as Dorothy has on hers!

Create a Mouse House

Use blueprints or your own creativity to learn about geometric shapes as you build a Mouse House.

Discover Patterns with Bing and Boing!

Create, recognize, and complete patterns with Bing and Boing, the bouncing pals.

Explore Creativity with Build a Bug!

Place from one to ten eyes, ears, antennae, spots, feet, and tails on bugs.

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