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"Math Blaster: Pre-Algebra"

Math Blaster Pre-Algebra

Math Blaster Pre-AlgebraMath Blaster: Pre-Algebra

9-Up Years
Packaging: Jewel Case
Subject: Math



Description of Math Blaster Pre-Algebra

Kids develop critical-thinking skills as they work on over 4,000 word problems and equation-writing exercises to solve an intriguing mystery. Nine activities with multiple levels of difficulty focus on decimals, integers, and rational numbers to lay a foundation for algebra as your child learns to graph numbers and find solutions on a coordinate grid. Math Blaster is correlated to state and national educational standards.

Skills Taught in Math Blaster Pre Algebra:

  • Understand ratio, proportion, and percent
  • Work with positive and negative integers
  • Create and translate math expressions
  • Apply order of operations
  • Work with graphs and coordinates
  • Understand and build equations


Screen Shots of Math Blaster Pre-Algebra

Math Blaster Pre-Algebra
Math Blaster Pre-Algebra
Math Blaster Pre-Algebra



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