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"Math Blaster: Ages 7-9"

Math Blaster ages 7-9

Math Blaster ages 7-9Math Blaster: Ages 7-9

7-9 Years
Packaging: Jewel Case
Subject: Math




Team up with Blaster and G.C. to exterminate Dr. Zero's beastly computer bugs! Go straight to the heart of the galactic network, where you'll crack a code in the circuits, rewire them for sound, and navigate through the motherboard maze. It's a megabyte of fun as you build a trap to capture the evil doctor and avert disaster. Get ready, set, and start clicking! Math Blaster's® unique game-based programs add fun to learning. It's no wonder teachers choose Blaster learning software to enhance skill building in the classroom, and parents know it as the software their kids will play and enjoy.

Skills Covered:
Multiplication and division, Fractions, decimals and percentages, Estimation and rounding numbers, Identify equivalents, Measurement, Read graphs and tables, Geometric figures, congruency, symmetry, Problem solving and logic


Screen Shots
Math Blaster ages 7-9
Math Blaster ages 7-9
Math Blaster ages 7-9
Math Blaster ages 7-9

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