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Kid Keys 2.0
Kid Keys 2.0
Grades PreK-2

Kid Keys 2.0Kid Keys 2.0

4-7 Years
Packaging: CD in Sleeve
Subject: Typing Tutor


Get ready for a lifetime of computer fun.
Teach young students the basics of typing including alphabet introduction, the computer keyboard, and how to use a mouse.

Introduce students to a
lifetime of keyboarding fun

Engaging exercises and lessons teach kids typing basics such as identifying letter keys, keyboard control, finger placement, how to use a mouse, how to “click and drag,” and typing words and sentences. Special features include an on-screen keyboard with easy-to-find letters, lively characters, multiple difficulty levels, and closed-captioning.


Curriculum Skills

  • Recognize k eyboard letters
  • Learn and practice home row keys
  • Control cursor movement
  • Master “click and drag” technique
  • Type letter combinations and simple words
Kid Keys 2.0


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