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"JumpStart Typing"

Jumpstart Typing

Skills Taught:

Jumpstart TypingProper keyboarding technique

Jumpstart TypingIncreased typing speed

Jumpstart TypingIncreased typing accuracy

Jumpstart TypingCorrect hand placement

Jumpstart TypingCorrect body posture

JumpStart TypingJumpStart Typing

7-10 Years
Packaging: Jewel Case
Subject: Typing Tutor



Designed specifically for kids, JumpStart Typing combines our award-winning learning system with exciting game play to make learning to type fun and easy. Children become accomplished typists while being entertained and engaged in four extreme sporting events including rock climbing, skateboarding, soccer and snowboarding.

Special Features:

Jumpstart TypingSeven skill-building activities

Jumpstart TypingMore than 30 arcade-style practice games

Jumpstart TypingSpecial diagnostic test determines base typing ability

Jumpstart TypingFull color movie clips teach correct hand placement, posture and other typing fundamentals

Jumpstart TypingAuto-adjustable difficulty levels ensure constant challenge and variety

Jumpstart TypingTimed lessons improve typing speed and accuracy

Screen Shots

JumpStart Typing

JumpStart Typing

JumpStart Typing



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