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Coin-U-Lator WorksheetsCoin-U-Lator Worksheets
Ages: 2-12 Years
Packaging: None
Subject: Money
Coin-U-Lator Worksheets
Coin-U-Lator Worksheets Coin-U-Lator Worksheets Coin-U-Lator Worksheets





The Coin-u-lator Worksheets were developed by PCI's Janie Haugen for students who need extra help in learning to count coins. When used with the Coin-u-lator, this program provides two visual learning methods: realistic coin graphics and a money calculator with a LCD screen. The 100 reproducible worksheets were designed to produce high-quality photocopies making all coins easy to identify and count. They are especially effective when coin counting is reinforced by placing realistic coins over the printed coins on the worksheets. An assorted coin package of 400 coins is available separately.

This program has been called a breakthrough in helping students learn the process of counting coins. Students who struggle with basic money concepts can use the money calculator until the skills are mastered. After conquering the basics of coin counting using the Coin-u-lator, students can progress to completing the worksheets independently. The entire program prepares students for accurately using coins in everyday "real-life" situations.

Coin-u-lator Worksheets.
The reproducible worksheets are organized into a sturdy, three-ring binder with five tabbed sections: Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter, and Mixed Coins. They are arranged by level of difficulty making the program an effective teaching tool for students with varying money math knowledge. Each section is arranged by denomination and then divided into three formats: Coin Practice, Coin Count, and Coin Write.

Coin Practice: Single Denomination.
The first worksheet format uses the Decimal Mode on the Coin-u-lator. Each problem begins with one coin and progresses upward adding one coin at a time ($.01, $.02, $.03). A "helper guide" at the top of each page informs students of the value of each coin (Penny-Count by 1's; Nickel-Count by 5's; Dime-Count by 10's; Quarter-Count by 25's). Problems are simplistic by design to help students learn the values of all coins in conjunction with learning to use the Coin-u-lator.

Coin Count: Single Denomination.
The second worksheet format uses the Dollar/Cents Mode on the Coin-u-lator. The problems have random money amounts which challenge students to pay closer attention to the exact number of coins to be counted. The "helper guide" has been removed so that students have to determine the correct value of the coins.

Coin Write: Single Denomination.
The third worksheet format uses the Decimal Mode on the Coin-u-lator. In each problem, students determine the total amount of money by keeping an ongoing subtotal as each coin is counted. Teachers can assess whether students become confused with switching values of different coin denominations or if there is a problem elsewhere in the counting process. The last coin in each problem has the word "Total" under it to signal students that the problem is solved.

Coin Practice, Coin Count, Coin Write: Assorted Denominations.
The last section of worksheets uses all four coins and gives students practice in advanced coin counting. When numerous coins are used in a problem, they are sorted into like rows to reinforce the important concept of sorting change before counting.

Special Features
There are examples of complete worksheets from every section, as well as a complete Answer Key and Progress Chart.


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