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"Coin-u-lator Activity Cards"

Coin-U-Lator Activity Cards

Coin-U-Lator Activity CardsCoin-U-Lator Activity Cards
Ages: 2-12 Years
Packaging: Sealed Retail
Subject: Money
Coin-U-Lator Activity Cards Coin-U-Lator Activity Cards Coin-U-Lator Activity Cards


Coin-u-lator Activity Cards Description


The Coin-u-lator Activity Cards were developed by PCI's Janie Haugen to help students of all ages learn basic money concepts. When used with the Coin-u-lator, the activity cards provide 'hands-on,' money-counting practice. The cards measure 5- by 8-inches and feature realistic depictions of pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and $1 bills.

50 Pocket Change cards
50 Wallet Money cards
Storage box

The front of the 50 Pocket Change cards feature coins grouped in like rows by values. On the back, the amount is given as a decimal, $ 1.39, and in an alphanumeric format, 1 dollar and 39 cents.

The 50 Wallet Money cards feature coins and bills grouped in order of value, but no longer in like rows. On the back, the amount is given as a decimal and in an alphanumeric format. For extended practice, a pack of 400 assorted coins is available separately.

Teacher's Guide.
An instruction card provides complete instructions for reviewing the Coin-u-lator and the activity cards, Pocket Change and Wallet Money cards demonstrations, and helpful hints. It also provides instructions for using cards without the Coin-u-lator.


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