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"Arthur's Math Games"

Arthur's Math Games

Arthur's Math GamesArthur's Math Games
Ages: 4-7 Years
Packaging: Jewel Case
Subject: Math
Arthur's Math Games Arthur's Math Games Arthur's Math Games Arthur's Math Games


Arthur's Math Games Description

Packed with Learning and Fun!

Arthur's Math Games is the perfect combination of learning, fun, and helpful features. With 6 different fun-filled activities and 5 levels of difficulty, Arthur's Math Games will entertain your child with hours of learning and fun!

Learn with Arthur

Click on Arthur's friends to go to a learning activity.

Counting & Addition

Count the correct change to buy snacks at DW's lemonade stand.

Patterns & Sequences

Sort bugs at Francine's Amazing Bug show.

Kids Learn

  • Counting
  • Addition & Subtraction
  • Multiplication & Division
  • Basic Geometry
  • Simple Fractions
  • Memory Skills
  • Patterns & Sequences
  • Problem Solving

Special Features

  • 5 Skill Levels
  • Art & Music Activities

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