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"400 Assorted Coins"

400 Assorted Coins

400 Assorted Coins400 Assorted Coins

Ages: 4-9 Years
Packaging: As Pictured
Subject: Money


Description of 400 Assorted Coins


These realistic coins are also great hands-on tools to help students count money and make change in any number of "real-life" situations. They are effective additions to all money activities in the classroom.

The 400 coins are divided into 100 each of quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. Packaged in resealable plastic bags inside a compact storage box, the lightweight yet durable coins are realistically depicted. Quarters, dimes, and nickels are in pewter gray; pennies in copper color. Highly detailed "engraving" of pictures and words make the coins fun for students as they learn to handle "real" money.

Special features
The related Coin-u-lator Worksheets were developed by PCI's Janie Haugen for students who need extra help in learning to count coins. The program is especially effective when coin counting is reinforced by placing these realistic coins over the printed coins on the worksheets. The entire program prepares students for accurately using coins in everyday life.

Warning: Choking Hazard. Because the coins are actual size, they are not suitable for children under three or individuals of any age who have a history of placing inedible objects in their mouths. The coins present a choking hazard.

Product Type: Manipulative
Components: 400 plastic coins in various denominations
Age Appropriate Level: Early Learning, Elementary, Secondary, Adult
Copyright: 1998

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