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"Type to Learn 4, Agents Of Information"

Type to Learn 4Type to Learn 4

Ages: 8-14 Years
Mac: OS10.3-10.6
Packaging: Jewel Case
Subject: Typing Tutor

Type to Learn 4
Type to Learn 4 Type to Learn 4 Type to Learn 4 Type to Learn 4 Type to Learn 4

Type To Learn 4 Description

About Type To Learn 4

Type to Learn 4 is the newest program in the award-winning Type to Learn series of keyboarding instructional software. Developed on a proven, research-based keyboarding curriculum of sequential touch-typing instruction, Type to Learn 4 builds critical 21st Century skills for all students in grades K-12.

The integrated cycle of review, demonstration, practice, and assessment, with continuous reinforcement of home row positioning, teaches proper fingering for each key with ample opportunity for skills practice. The program emphasizes both accuracy and speed, and provides each student with individualized remediation and goals for success.

This engaging new product wraps keyboarding lessons into an intriguing
world of adventure and information, complete with exciting new activities and redesigned student and teacher interfaces.

Type to Learn 4 Benefits:
Efficient computer keyboarding is an essential lifelong learning skill in today’s computer based society. By instructing students in keyboarding at an early age with an award-winning program like Type to Learn, schools address these essential skills for academic and professional success.

Type to Learn 4 Skills Addressed:
Built on a proven pedagogy of sequential skills-building instruction, Type to Learn 4’s expanded curriculum provides 36 new, leveled lessons complete with:
  • Diagnostic pre-test
    Formative assessments
    Automatic, personalized remediation

    Integrated demonstration, review practice and testing:
    Reinforces proper keyboarding position
    Reviews home row keys
    Reviews previously learned lessons
    Introduces new keystrokes
    All letters, symbols and number keys are taught
    Reinforces spelling, grammar, composition and punctuation skills
    Focuses on improving speed and accuracy

    Type to Learn 4: Agents of Information is an engaging new product that wraps keyboarding instruction into an intriguing, futuristic world of adventure and information, complete with exciting new activities, multiple redesigned student and teacher interfaces, and appealing, age-appropriate crosscurricular content. The program motivates students toward keyboarding mastery by recruiting them as new members of an ancient society, The Agents of Information. Students discover that our world is in danger of a total communication break-down because information cannot flow smoothly! They must start their training immediately to move up the 7 ranks from Recruit and ultimately become accurate, fast-typing Master Agents.

    Type to Learn 4 has Five engaging activities accompany each lesson and provide fun practice opportunities for students to hone their new skills. Each activity focuses on a specific keyboarding skill.
    The Big Ideas activity improves left and right-hand coordination on the keys. Thought bubbles containing ideas need to be typed with either the right hand or the left hand, before the bubbles float away and are lost forever.
    The Drone Control activity encourages students to improve their words per minute speed while typing commands to pilot a drone vehicle through dangerous terrain in order to deliver vital information.
    The Dig This activity uses rhythm to support a typing cadence, as students type accurately to uncover historical information.
    In the Reconnect activity students focus on using the shift key for capitals, symbols, and punctuation, while rebuilding
    important infrastructure.
    And finally in Get the Message Out, students focus on accuracy as they complete dictation and original writing tasks in order transmit important messages.

  • True keyboarding mastery requires effective skill transfer from the Type to Learn program into real-world typing environments and tasks. That is why Type to Learn 4 incorporates real-world typing content, including historical documents, literature passages, frequently used Quick-blends and Quick-words, and original writing tasks, in the lessons and activities.

  • Type to Learn 4 is correlated to the ISTE NETS (National Educational Technology Standards for Students) Technology Foundation Standards and Performance Indicators for Technology-Literate Students. The program also correlates to relevant keyboarding standards in all 50 states.

    Type to Learn 4 Assessment:
    Type to Learn 4 has an unprecedented amount of assessment built right
    into the program. A diagnostic pre-test places students at a specific lesson and sets their beginning achievement goals. Five formative assessments and a 6th summative assessment analyze students’ abilities and progress throughout the lesson sequence, adjusting goals as skills improve. Additional Final Challenge quizzes at the end of every lesson must be passed with goals met in order to progress to the next lesson.

    Type to Learn 4 Teacher Management System:
    Type to Learn 4 contains an enhanced, user-friendly teacher management system that allows teachers to easily manage students’ progress through the program. Flexible reports display real-time status of all students’ progress, scores, and areas of challenge. Teachers can trigger a diagnostic pre-test to reassess students’ abilities, move students forward or back in the lesson sequence, set an upper limit to the lessons a student can surpass, modify the presence of supports and breaks, and manually select achievement goals, vocabulary levels, and design interfaces.

    When enabled, Spanish ESL content provides instructions, navigation, support, and reinforcement in Spanish, while the keyboarding lessons themselves remain in English. This provides valuable support to Spanish speaking students as they learn to keyboard in English.


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    Type to Learn 4


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