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"Money Calculator"

Money CalculatorMoney Calculator
Ages: 4-12 Years
Packaging: Boxed
Subject: Money
Money Calculator Money Calculator Money Calculator

Money Calculator Activites WorkbookMoney Calculator Activies Book
Ages: 4-12 Years
Packaging: None
Subject: Money

Money Calculator Activites Workbook
Money Calculator Activites Workbook Money Calculator Activites Workbook Money Calculator Activites Workbook


Money Calculator
Description Money Calculator

Unique Money Calculator and Traditional Calculator in One! New & Improved

The MoneyCalc 2009 is PCI’s Janie Haugen-McLane vision of a traditional calculator that can also function as a money-math calculator by showing the dollar signs and the ending zeros on money computations. This calculator lets students see how money-math problems are worked.

MoneyCalc Mode: Money amounts are always displayed with the dollar sign and ending zeros. Thus, five dollars is displayed on the screen as “$5.00,” unlike a traditional calculator that just displays “5.” Money-math computations are visually concrete as each number entered is displayed in this same, easy-to-understand way (e.g., “$2.00 + $1.50 = $3.50”).

Calc Mode: Allows the device to be used as a traditional calculator for working math problems that do not involve money.

New Display Option: A switch on the side of the MoneyCalc allows students to toggle between a horizontal and a vertical display of problems. Students can set the MoneyCalc to display problems vertically to match the orientation of the problems in MoneyCalc Activities.

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